Jewelry Care


The most important thing to note when cleaning your jewelry is to check that all prongs and stones are secure in their settings! Even the lightest cleaning can cause damage to a weak prong or stone. If you notice a loose setting, please email us at

Everyday products like hairspray, makeup, lotion, and general household cleaners can cause damage to jewelry. While you can wear a solid gold or solid sterling silver piece in the water it is just good practice to remove all jewelry before showering or swimming. Wearing anything gold filled, gold plated or a base metal in the shower is a big no-no.

Remove all jewelry before going to the gym. Gyms are gross as is, and you don’t want someone else’s sweat building up in your ring shank along with your own. Leave it at home, sis.

When doing household chores, always take off your rings and bracelets and throw on a pair of gloves for good measure. Rings often can rip through gloves making the gemstones vulnerable to damage.

We suggest considering your lifestyle, location and occupation when shopping for your next piece or simply wearing a piece day-to-day. There are simple everyday things we do that can hurt our jewelry. Have you ever gotten a necklace stuck in your winter scarf? Something to consider! Ever worry you’ll lose your earrings on a roller coaster? Something to consider! Have fun, look glamorous, but be cautious.